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About Skyley Networks

What is required in this area is engineering expertise in connectivity technology. Skyley Networks was established in 2001 based on the results of research into multi-hop wireless network technology. We are a wireless network product supplier that continues to provide software that is always "half a step" ahead of the coming Internet of Things.


Skyley Networks is an embedded software development company. We provide software for drivers, PHY, MAC, protocol stacks, high-level applications, packet analyzers, etc., primarily in the field of unlicensed band wireless communications.

Especially for our protocol stack products, we have a unique communication-specific software structure based on our many years of experience. Our software framework allows for a deep communication hierarchy with little performance degradation, performs a large number of tasks with fewer MCU resources, and avoids memory leaks through a resource allocation tracking mechanism. By implementing these series of functions without a RTOS, we have achieved a high level of code transparency, portability, and robustness.

We have shipped more than 3 million wireless devices equipped with our software in total, so you can use our software with confidence as communication software for mass production.


Even with the Internet, smartphones, and IoT appliances becoming so pervasive, have you ever felt a certain frustration in their ease of use? Think, for example, about the absurdity of having to go through a base station or center to send a message to the person in front of you.

We believe that the network of the future should have a "perspective" that naturally switches the means of communication depending on the location, time, and context of the person, just like the human field of vision. This is true not only for human beings, but also for the networks of objects that surround us in our daily lives.

If things are close to each other, they can communicate directly; if they cannot reach each other, they can be relayed; and if they are far away, they can use communication networks. We are trying to realize products that meet the natural desire for such communication. That is exactly what Skyley Networks is aiming for.

We want to realize a new form of communication in an age when communication is permeating every part of our lives. Skyley Networks will continue to provide visionary and creative technologies that transcend genres and open up more natural and free network communication.


Another of our strengths is our ability to propose, design, implement, and provide communication protocols of your own specifications in a short period of time according to the networks that our customers wish to realize.

Skyley Networks provides high value-added products and services to the following businesses.

For semiconductor manufacturers

We will devise unique combinations of the latest wireless MCUs and our software to support your proposal activities to end-customers.

For wireless module manufacturers

We provide licenses for our protocol stacks and assist with the various processes required to commercialize modules, such as obtaining various certification marks and technical conformance certificates, and verifying communication and power-saving performance.

For system integrators who build applications

We provide IoT wireless network construction know-how and help you realize a truly practical wireless network that does not end with PoC.



Skyley Networks is a subsidiary of NextDrive Group.

NextDrive is an energy data platform company that develops and provides energy management and cloud services utilizing IoE, IoT, and HEMS. It integrates IoT, software and hardware technologies to provide one-stop energy data platform services to electric power companies and other energy-related companies.