Skyley Networks, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Skyley" or "the company") has established the personal information protection policy given below to protect customers' personal information (information that can identify specific individuals, such as their name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number), and is making every effort to maintain and improve personal information protection by establishing appropriate in-house systems.

Section1 Registration of personal information and purposes of use

1. Skyley asks customers to register personal information pertaining to certain items specified by the company (referred to as "required items" hereinafter) in the "Contact form," "Seminar application form," "Shopping site," and so on. If a customer leaves a required item blank, then Skyley will be unable to provide the relevant services to that customer (the customer may receive service even when he or she does not provide that information for which entry is at the discretion of the customer (hereinafter referred to as "optional items").

2. Skyley will use personal information only for the purposes defined below, except upon the prior consent of the customer. Provided, however, that this may be superseded by personal information being requested by law or for good reason.

①To provide and improve customer services such as user support
②To perform order confirmation, delivery, and payment when a customer purchases a product from Skyley's shopping site
③To collect data for product development and marketing
④To post or introduce products and services to customers

Section2 Appropriate management of personal information

1. Skyley will appropriately manage the personal information of those customers registered as defined in Section 1, and shall implement those measures to prevent any problems with personal information such as the leakage, loss, or destruction of personal information.

2. Skyley will make every effort to keep customers' personal information accurate and up-to-date, provided that such information is kept accurate and up-to-date to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use defined in Section 1.

3. When a customer wishes to issue a request to disclose, correct, or delete his or her personal information, he or she should notify their Skyley privacy representative (email address: We will respond to the request appropriately according to the Law on the Protection of Personal Information.

Section3 Disclosure of personal information to a third party

1. Skyley will not disclose or provide a customer's personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the customer, except in the following cases:

①When a customer's personal information is disclosed or provided to a company entrusted by Skyley for the purpose of providing the customer with products and/or services, provided that such information is disclosed or provided to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose
②When required to cooperate with the lawful activities of national agencies, and so on
③When required by law

2. Regarding customers’ personal information, Skyley will demand that those companies to which such information is disclosed or provided as defined in the previous issue (Issue 1) fulfill and follow the same obligations as ourselves. Section4 Improvement Skyley will comply with all laws governing the protection of personal information, and shall make every effort to maintain and improve the protection and handling of personal information as defined in the above sections.